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B12 Injections

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B12 injections are shots that contain high doses of vitamin B12 and will quickly elevate levels in a person who is deficient. Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world, especially among people taking stomach acid-altering medications and antibiotics frequently, along with the elderly and sometimes vegetarians or vegans. B12 injections are sometimes used to offset the many symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, such as fatigue and weakness, poor moods, and low concentration.
Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that’s critical for many hormonal and metabolic functions. it’s needed for well over 100 daily functions Including the production of digestive enzymes and carrying important nutrients into and out of cells.
Roles of vitamin B12 include:
  • Forming red blood cells
  • Playing a role in DNA/RNA synthesis
  • Facilitating metabolic conversion of protein and fats
  • Carrying out neurotransmitter functions and helping with production of hormones
  • Helping convert amino acids and make cretin
  • Producing myelin sheath (the coating of nerves)
  • Helping with synthesis of hemoglobin
  • Playing a role in fetal development during pregnancy
Foods like beef, dairy products, and fish will provide a good dose of vitamin B12, however some people abstain from eating these foods or have a hard time absorbing this nutrient.

So are B12 injections the answer to restoring health in those with low levels?

Vitamin B12 benefits and benefits of receiving B12 injections can include improved moods, protection against cognitive decline and better energy.

Vitamin B12 levels are usually tested with a blood serum test, and values below approximately 170–250 picogram per milliliter in adults are considered signs of deficiencies.

Vitamin B12 shots are normally available by prescription only and are administered into a patient’s muscle tissue about once monthly, although dosage varies depending on age and medical history.

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