When you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, it can be very hard to diagnose. Signs and symptoms can be complex and are often confused for other conditions. A vitamin B12 deficiency, however, is very common and can affect your overall health since vitamin B12 helps your body make red blood cells and helps you make DNA.

Rocky Mountain Hormone and Weight Loss Clinic serves the Denver Metro area with Hormone and Weight Loss Services, from hormone replacement therapy to B12 injections. Below, we’ll review some common signs that you may have a B12 deficiency. Contact us today for your free consultation!


  1. Pale or jaundiced skin. Since B12 helps with red blood cell production, when you’re not producing enough, your skin can look pale or take on a yellow tint. You could have an anemia condition caused by the lack of B12 in your diet that would cause the red blood cells to be too large, and thus unable to pass out of your bone marrow and into your blood. These red blood cells may be breaking down frequently, and thus cause the yellowness to your skin.
  2. Tingly sensation or numbness. If you feel like your hands, feet, or legs are numb, tingly, or on “pins and needles”, this could be a vitamin B12 deficiency. Without B12, the protective sheath known as myelin that covers your nerves can be damaged. This is a very common sign of B12 deficiency and one of the more reliable ones.
  3. Weakness and fatigue. The job of red blood cells is to transport oxygen throughout your body. When your red blood cells are not functioning properly, you are not getting the oxygen you need for bodily processes, including any form of exercise, so you feel weak and tired all the time.
  4. Breathlessness and dizziness. Either of these symptoms goes hand-in-hand with the above cause of weakness and fatigue. Without the efficient transportation of oxygen, when you do exercise or get your heart rate elevated, you can feel out of breath or dizzy.
  5. Vision problems. Since vitamin B12 deficiency affects your nerves, the optic nerve to your eye can be damaged, which can then disrupt signals from your eyes to your brain. However, this symptom is reversible with vitamin B12 injections.


Rocky Mountain Hormone and Weight Loss Clinic offers B12 injections of this valuable vitamin that can immediately get rid of these cumbersome signs above and get you back on the right track to health and wellness. Also known as Lipo Injections, vitamin B12 injections will help your body produce the red blood cells it needs, while also helping stimulate the liver, which helps with the breakdown of fats. Almost as soon as your body gets enough vitamin B12, you will experience an increase in energy levels, better sleep, better mood, focus, and concentration, as well as possible weight loss as your energy and metabolism kick back in.

While a vitamin B12 deficiency can be hard to detect, it is easy to correct once correctly diagnosed. A blood test can usually detect the problem, followed by a more isolated blood test. If you need to begin vitamin B12 injections, contact us today to get started!