Male menopause, sometimes referred to as andropause, rarely gets the attention it deserves and is not always taken seriously. Female menopause causes more dramatic changes than what men experience, but that does not mean the problem is something to ignore. Many men would feel better and improve their health by seeking professional help for andropause because hormone replacement therapy may be able to help.

Understand Male Menopause

Andropause is the term used to describe the drop in the levels of testosterone all men experience as they age. The change typically occurs in men between the ages of 40-60, but can happen earlier just as menopause can begin in younger women. The result of the drop can leave men experiencing a lot of symptoms that make daily life less enjoyable.

Menopause often overshadows andropause because the changes women experience occur faster. Menopause also leads to an inability to bear children. The hormone decline in andropause takes place over several years and men stay fertile throughout their life. However, the slow decline is problematic because men do not always get hormone replacement therapy help as soon as they could.

Identify Physical Symptoms

Men experience a variety of physical effects as testosterone levels drop. Andropause can cause a loss of hair on the body and head and loss of muscle mass. Men may begin to gain body fat easier. Night sweats, heart palpitations, and swollen breasts may also occur, as well as a higher risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) and lower sex drive.

Andropause can lead to anemia that leaves the subject with severe fatigue and weakness. Sleep problems also become an issue for some sufferers and this can add to the feelings of exhaustion as well as an increase in the risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes that are more common in people that have insomnia.

Address Mental Changes

Andropause can lead to irritability and depression. Some men experience memory loss or cannot concentrate as well as they once did. Self- confidence may drop as the physical symptoms cause men to feel less fit and strong. The emotional issues can affect personal relationships as well as job performance.

Find a Solution

Good physical health cannot stop andropause, but it can make it less severe or help people to feel more capable of enduring what their body is experiencing. Keep alcohol consumption moderate and do not smoke. Cigarettes and excessive alcohol can cause ED. In fact, medical professionals believe that cigarettes are the most common cause of ED in younger men.

Exercise often and eat a healthy diet that will protect testosterone levels. This includes organic choices that do not have antibiotics or hormones. Avoid soy because it has a natural form of estrogen. Eat plenty of healthy high-carbohydrate foods (like sweet potatoes and blueberries) because low-carb diets raise cortisol levels and cortisol can lower testosterone.

Meet with a medical professional to discuss hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Supervised HRT plans are custom medical treatments that help people regain youthful levels of hormones. The increase in testosterone from hormone replacement therapy can reverse many if not all — of the problems related to andropause.

Men undergoing HRT can experience a return of their stamina, a reduction in depression, and the ability to build muscle bulk. It is not a cure for aging, but it makes getting older less noticeable and more comfortable. People can continue to enjoy the activities and energy they had prior to the hormone drop.

At Rocky Mountain Hormone and Weight Loss Clinic in Greenwood Village, we understand that andropause is a real condition that can severely affect the life of the man experiencing it. We offer a complete screening before any treatment begins to ensure an accurate diagnosis. We have effective and simple solutions to manage andropause. Contact us to schedule an appointment.